We’re very proud to announce the launch of the

Jacaranda Weddings’ Planning Binder.


At only $30, it is going to be your best friend through

the planning of your wedding.


After my amazing assistant. Michelle, got engaged this past fall, she did what many soon-to-be-married folks do and went to her local bookstore to buy a wedding planning organizer.  She stopped by my studio afterward, frustrated and disillusioned.  After working side-by-side with me on many weddings, she found that the majority of options available were written for couples in other areas – Southern US, UK etc… And a large portion of the information provided just didn’t apply to her needs.    I had found the same with many of the couples I work with – they buy the pretty binder and it sits in their closet, or they toss the insides and just put their own pages in it.  The idea of writing my own tool (since I have written all my own planning tools that I use with my clients) had been flitting around in my head for a couple of years – so this just seemed like the right time.  I reached out to some of my colleagues in the Sudbury wedding industry and BOOM – the Jacaranda Wedding Planning Binder was born!

While developed specifically with Sudbury couples in mind, this ultimate planning tool can be used by anyone who is planning a wedding.  The binder is divided into 8 sections to help organize your wedding plans: At A Glance, The Look, Getting Hitched, Party Time, Photo/Video, Stationery & Guests, Decor & Florals, and The Other Stuff. Each section has a spot to put materials picked up from vendors, and there is a business card holder and a zippered pouch for other items.

binder1 binder2

As with any first edition, I am already finding room for improvement. In order to facilitate that, if you register your binder with Jacaranda Events within 30 days of purchase, you will be eligible to receive updates over the next 6 months or so (unless your wedding date is sooner ;)).

Thanks so much for your interest in my little project.  Writing a book can be a daunting task, but I have been very lucky to have a lot of support from my colleagues in the local wedding community… and my clients!

Local pick-up (Sudbury, Ontario) is available, as is shipping via Canada Post (which would be quoted separately and billed direct to you).

**$5 from the sale of every Jacaranda Weddings Planning Binder will be proudly donated to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada (