We are truly blessed to have worked with the absolute best clients. Thankfully, it seems the feeling is mutual. Here is what a few folks have to say about our work:

I witnessed 2 superstars and an absolute dream team at work this weekend!!! Cynthia Loiselle-Seguin and her assistant Michelle of Jacaranda Events organized our day of and because of these wonderful women we were able to enjoy our special day. This dynamic duo took care of every single minute detail and busted their tushies all day and all night for us! I cannot stress enough the importance of having your event, be it wedding, anniversary, gala … etc going off without a hitch because of professionals like these ladies. We strongly recommend if you can’t afford it yourselves, ask your parents to gift you this, even if it’s just for the day of and not the whole event planning. I thank these ladies with my whole heart and we could not have done it without them!!!
– Dana & David Dumont

Can’t think of a better wedding planner- intelligent, fun, friendly, creative and cool headed.
– Amy Cope

I have never seen such professionalism, nor creativity in the wedding and event planning industry aside from yourself. Love working with you!
– Amanda White Photography

You went above & beyond to ensure that everything was perfect… and it was. From anticipating our needs, to keeping us on schedule, you and your team were godsend. We will be forever grateful.
– Emily & Ewan Dunn

Cynthia is amazing at creating unforgettable events. She is committed, friendly, and dedicated to individually styled events. Her services and team allows you to have a peace of mind! Jacaranda’s values its guests with the utmost perfection. If you are looking for an event that guests won’t stop talking about… Cynthia is your solution! No matter how big or small, she will have the answers for all.
– Vivian Teddy, Reggie’s Crepes

Cynthia is fabulous!
– Natalie Bertrand

Super High recommendation out there for Cynthia of Jacaranda Events. The surprise Anniversary went off without a hitch, the Decor was gorgeous and not only did she set up for us, she kicked butt keeping us on track and cleaning up once it was all over. If you’re looking for the perfect event planner.. Check out Jacaranda Events. You will not be disappointed!!!
– Laura Nault-Cleaver

Hats off to Jacaranda Events! Gracie’s birthday was fantastic! So nice to have Cynthia Loiselle-Seguin and Michelle take care of all the details!! I won’t have another party without her.
– Ruth Larmon-Caridade

I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for our wedding. Our guests had such a good time. I must say you are SO good at what you do! It was amazing to see you in action. We’ll send you a more formal card later but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for us and how you worked with us and for being so upfront about things. Everything turned out great on the day and we got to stay on budget!!!
– Amy & Mike Palumbo

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